The Tales of Matthew Lewis

We all know, and love Matthew Lewis as “Neville Longbottom” from the Harry Potter series. He gives us some behind the scenes info and tells us what it was like to be in the films as a child. From costumes to embarrassing stories, this panel gave us a little insight into his life while filming.

Lewis started out by telling us that he has never, to this day, read the very first chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. When he was a child, he tried to start reading but just couldn’t get into it from the beginning, so his friend told him to start from chapter 2 and that was it; he was hooked! He absolutely fell in love with Neville and all of his quirks at that moment and couldn’t wait to finish reading the series.

His first day on the set was so great, as soon as he met Daniel, Emma, and Rupert, he felt instantly welcomed and so excited to be there! They really just got to be kids while on the set, and he said it was like being in school. He felt so comfortable with everyone and couldn’t wait to start filming.

One of his fans asked him what it was like returning the set after his “glow up.” (Something we were all wondering, right?) He informed us that filming was so weird because people didn’t recognize him. Yes, he had changed so much, but it was because he was wearing a fat suit, false teeth, and fake ears! Even being an avid Harry Potter fan, I had no clue that he was wearing a fat suit, and apparently neither did his colleagues. When he took the suit off, people asked him why he looked different, if he lost weight, to which he responded, “What, since Breakfast?” Truly amazing work from the costume designers.

Actor Matthew Lewis’ reaction after being asked about his “glow up” at FanX 2019

Matthew was asked another question about what he thought about a Harry Potter TV series. He went on to say that he thought it would’ve been a wonderful idea, but for this day in time. He would’ve loved to see more details from the book, and from Neville’s life in particular. His favorite part in the book series was when Neville went to visit his parents in St. Mungo’s Hospital, which is where they were put to be cared for after Bellatrix Lestrange used the cruciatus curse on them. David Yates also loved Neville’s character and craved more details on his character as well. It seems like a TV series could be an amazing idea, especially if you have these two behind it!

We got so much information on Matthew Lewis, and his feelings around the series. it seems that he had a truly amazing time filming with the trio, and the crew, it was filled with laughter, embarrassment, and many great memories. I am excited to see him in his upcoming films, and wish him luck on his future endeavors!

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