A Trip to the Galaxy’s Edge

Everyone has heard of Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge park, but how much do you really know? Scott, Tracy, Amanda, Larry, and Zach give us some insider details on what it’s like to visit and experience the Star Wars Galaxy, and share some tips and places to visit to get the most out of your visit to the Edge. Prepare yourself for a trip of a lifetime!

Our panelists were so excited to be able to attend Galaxy’s Edge, and explained to us that they saw grown adults shedding tears. The experience that Disney has created for its fans, left them with so much happiness, that they didn’t want to leave. Once you step foot into this park, you are instantly transported into the Star Wars universe.

When visiting, one of the must sees is the Cantina. They have drinks for everyone, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, sweet, spicy, tangy, salty, really anything you can imagine! The Cantina is just so unique, they just wanted to stay there all day and enjoy the atmosphere. Though, if you are needing sitting space, they did warn that there isn’t much. There are booths surrounding the sides, but it’s mostly standing space. This didn’t deter them though!c66wkD0RREWFK52zNQ9Siw_thumb_1d4

Another thing to try while you are there is creating your own droid. You walk into this huge building, and are instantly surrounded by droid parts flying all around you, and there is a conveyor belt with more on it. You go in and pick out your own parts and create a droid from start to finish. Along with building one, you also get to pick a personality. Amanda and her husband both built one, each with a different personality, and they reacted to the park differently. They will also interact with each other when they are in a certain range! You can carry them in a bag, or use the remote control to drive them around, how cool!

Probably one if the biggest experiences though, would be seeing the Millennium Falcon, and going to the attraction, to become a worker on the starship. When you walk up to the Falcon, you instantly feel a lot smaller. Zach Cipriano stated that “A visit to the chiropractor afterwards is necessary”, which you can imagine would be true!

The attraction that is in Galaxy’s Edge allows you, family/friends or just strangers to join together and pilot, engineer and man the guns on the Millennium Falcon at “Smuggler’s Run.” Obviously, Piloting is the coolest part! But engineering is also sweet because you get the whole view of everything, and how cool will it be to see Hyper-Drive in person?! If you have children with you, or someone who doesn’t want a lot of responsibility, it’s said that manning the gun is the easiest and you can put it on auto assist. Shout out to Scott Renshaw for being a 10-year-old’s hero, as he gave him his pilot card instead of piloting the ship himself!

Don’t forget to download the Disney Play app and experience the interactive parts of the park! If you are worried about your kids not being entertained enough, this app will definitely peak their interests! You can even have them build their own lightsaber (or, let’s be honest, you can build your own) as well, and they can pick out every aspect of it, and who knows maybe they’ll find the rare “Black Crystal” and see how different it is from the other colors! (No spoilers here!)

Whether you’re piloting on the Millennium Falcon, building droids, or visiting the cantina, there’s so much to do and so little time! Go and see Kylo Ren, and Rey walking around and just enjoy the incredible atmosphere that is Galaxy’s Edge. Enjoy the drinks, food and don’t forget to take pictures! Galaxy’s Edge is the future of parks!

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