A Bad Idea, Salad and Star Wars Is, Hmm?

Well, the Mrs. sent me out to pick up a couple of grocery items. The list had “bag salad” on it. I prefer to think of it more as “bag o’ salad,” but I guess it doesn’t really make a difference. I’ll just grab whichever salad bag is on sale.

So, I’m home now. Time to help get dinner ready. Might as well grab the salad bag.

Wait… what?

Is this… is… this is a Star Wars salad?

I mean, why? How? That’s really weird. What does that even mean? Is the lettuce going to be fresh? Was this salad made a long time ago in a galaxy fa…

That’s Kylo Ren. In the bag o’ salad. We’ve got romaine lettuce, carrot sticks, red cabbage… and Kylo Ren.

That’s a terrible idea. There’s no way that tastes good.

OK, moving on, I’ll just take Kylo Ren out and get a bowl of salad ready to eat with dinner. I mean, this should be OK, right? One regular salad coming right…

This is getting ridiculous. Boba Fett is in the salad bowl. I just.. why? I can’t even.

Alrighty, it’s not too hard to pick the bounty hunter out of the salad. I’m sure it’ll be just fine, I’ll get a nice forkful ready…

Who thought this was a good idea? That’s not a crouton! That’s a storm trooper helmet!

Why, Lucas? Is this what it’s come to?

I’m hungry, might as well eat I guess.

Use the fork, Luke.


Mmm, not bad. This Star Wars salad is crisp, and a little Chewie.


Crispness and crunch

There is legitimately no reason for Star Wars to associate with premade salad.

Why? I just don't understand why this happened.

The positives

  • Plastic adds crunch
  • This salad was ripe for puns
  • Your carrots, you must eat

The negative

  • It's a salad
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