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I am going to start inserting my reviews of certain mobile apps.  I will try to do one at least every day.  Currently,  I have a Droid X, so most of my reviews will be for Android-based apps, but I will try to cover iOS apps as well when I can.


This app is a very clever remake of a game that most of us are already familiar with called 20 Questions.  Akinator is a confident genie that comes with many mannerisms to accentuate his personality.  If he is getting closer to the person you are guessing, he will appear to get more confident.  On the other hand, he will start to get embarrassed or angry if he isn’t putting the clues together yet.  You can then post the results of your game to Facebook if you are feeling social.  Aside from the nice cartoony graphics, and the clever sarcasm that Akinator displays on occasion, this is just another 20 Questions game and appears to only be limited to people or characters, whereas other 20 questions games may focus on a more broad range of subjects.  Akinator does require an internet connection to play, and just errors out if you try to play it without.  This allows most of the processing to be done on a server, or gives it access to online databases such as or for its character base.

Today, the paid app is free on the Amazon market place, so go pick it up for free!

The free version only allows you to play 5 times per day.

Amazon App Store Links:

Paid Version ($1.99 or Free today only):
Free Version:

Android Market Links:

Paid Version ($2.13):
Free Version:

This app is not currently available for iOS

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