Avengers: Infinity War First Trailer Breakdown

The first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War was released today, and wow does it have us excited! It’s been 10 years since Nick Fury had a meeting with Tony Stark and now we are finally ready for the Infinity War. This film and the Avengers 4 sequel will completely change the Marvel Cinematic Universe and launch us into the next phase of films. There’s a LOT in this trailer, so let’s break it down shall we?

We start with Tony Stark looking despondent while cradling his hand that seems to be burnt while we hear Nick Fury say “There was an idea…” There is destruction and fire all around him. This trailer is starting off with a bang and isn’t pulling any punches.

Tony then picks up the next line “to bring together a group of remarkable people,” while we see a shocked and confused Bruce Banner who has crashed back to Earth after his time with Thor in space. After the events of Thor:Ragnarok, we weren’t sure if Bruce could return after becoming Hulk in the final battle of that film, but that’s obviously possible. We know that Thanos found Thor’s Asgardian ship, and something obviously caused Thor and Hulk to be separated. It appears that Bruce will be the one to bring the news of Thanos’ arrival to the Avengers and cause the disparate members of the team to unite once again.

We then see Doctor Strange and Wong standing underneath the hole that Bruce caused when he fell into the Sanctum Sanctorum. They look as confused and surprised as Bruce does.

The voice over continues with Vision saying “to see if we could become…something more.” Vision stands with his back to the camera as he gazes out on a stormy evening. Wanda stands beside him and then we realize that Vision has a human form, but with the Mind Stone still visible in the middle of his forehead. This beautifully echoes his voice over – as it appears that Vision is trying to become more human for Wanda Maximoff and the two gently caress the other’s face.

The next voice we hear is Thor saying “So when they needed us…we could fight the battles” as he gazes out into space from what appears to be from the Guardian’s of the Galaxy’s ship. At D23 earlier this year, audiences saw an unreleased scene where Thor crashes into the Milano. Between that and Bruce plummeting to Earth, whatever Thanos did to the Asgardian ship is not good at all. Does he wipe out the rest of that civilization in one fell swoop? More shots of fire and destruction can be seen in the windows looking out into space.

We then see Bruce fully dressed and in Wakanda with a Hulkbuster glove. He’s with someone just off frame who is wearing a black suit. It is unclear if it’s Black Widow, Black Panther, or another character. It’s interesting that Bruce has Tony’s technology in Wakanda – the place where Steve Rogers and others are hiding after Captain America: Civil War. Is he trying to get help in building a new suit infused with Wakandan tech? A rumor is going around that it’s actually Bruce in the Hulkbuster Armor this time.

We then see a blonde Black Widow give a sad smile and the final voice over has he say “What they never could.”

We then move back to the Sanctum Sanctorum where Tony Stark has joined Bruce, Doctor Strange, and Wong as they gaze upon the hole Bruce created in the staircase. Did Bruce have them contact Tony? Did Tony track Bruce’s fall? Something is causing people in the street to panic and run, so Tony tentatively steps outside as we hear Thanos say “In time, you will know what it’s like to lose.”

We then see Peter Parker on a school bus as the hairs on his arm stands straight up. We have Spidey Sense people! It’s the first time we’ve seen it in the MCU, and since we didn’t see it during the events of Captain America: Civil War or Spiderman: Homecoming, something really bad is coming our way. Thanos continues his monologue saying “To feel so desperately that you are right, yet to fail all the same.”

We have another portal in the sky – a callback to the one in the first Avengers, but this one is made out of some kind of machinery. We get a closeup of the portal spinning and causing fires and explosions in the city below.

The portal doesn’t seem to be doing much other than whirring ominously, but already it looks like the city is being affected, with fires and explosions springing up below.

Tony, Bruce, Doctor Strange, and Wong are standing in the middle of the street surrounded by rubble caused by the portal. Both Wong and Strange have mystical shields up, and Tony removes his sunglasses and looks stunned at what he is seeing. We hear Thanos say “Dread it…”

Loki is slowly walking among the dead bodies in the burning wreckage of the Asgardian ship, and as we suspected from Thor: Ragnarok, he has the Tesseract. Back in the first Avengers, Loki was working for Thanos and it’s unclear if Loki is giving the Tesseract back to him, or if he’s going to try to use it against him. Either way, things don’t look good for the God of Mischief. We hear Thanos continue his monologue saying “…run from it…destiny still arrives.”

As those last words are spoken, Thanos arrives via a portal. I can’t tell where exactly, but it may be some alien world.

After leaving the school bus and his classmates behind, Peter has suited up in a brand new suit. It’s the Iron Spider Armor!

Thor is seen standing in the middle of another portal – is it the other side of the one over Manhattan? It doesn’t really look like it, and we don’t know if Thor is trying to hold it together, or break it apart. Either way, he’s struggling mightily.

We seem to get our first glimpse at the Black Order – AKA Thano’s henchmen. The woman appears to be Proxima Midnight, and she throws a spear at a character in the shadows who catches it with one hand.

“Evacuate the city, engage all defenses, and get this man a shield,” T’Challa says. Wakanda is under attack from Thanos, and the new king is confidently leading his nation into war and a bearded Captain America steps out of the shadows. Was he the one that caught Proxima Midnight’s spear?  Why is Thanos so interested in Wakanda? Probably not for their vibranium, but could it be the mysterious nation is hiding the last Infinity Stone?

The Hulkbuster makes a grand entrance into the battle of Wakanda.

Black Widow is fighting someone with a long spear – maybe using Proxima Midnight’s weapon against her?

Several long obelisks crash into the forest outside Wakanda and are likely to be carrying Thanos’ army.

Captain America, Black Panther, and others fight off a race of aliens called Outriders, who were introduced in the 2013 Infinity comic. They are genetically engineered parasites that are completely devoted to the wishes of their creator. The creatures have 4 arms, human type legs, a beak, and are at least twice the size of a human. Visually, they are imposing, but will be no match for our heroes to take down.

Spider-Man takes on Thanos and the villian easily smashes Peter into the floor in a chokehold slam straight out of a WWE handbook.

We see another member of the Black Order, this time it’s Corvus Glaive, Thano’s chief officer. He has Vision flat on his back, and is using his spear to remove the Mind Stone from Vision’s head while our hero screams in agony.

Thanos places the Space Stone from the Tesseract into the Infinity Gauntlet – did Loki give it up willingly, or did Thanos kill the best villain in the MCU? Thanos also has the Power Stone in the Gauntlet, but we don’t see the Yellow Mind Stone from Vision yet.

Marvel and Iron Man are getting ready to throw down while surrounded by a lot of rocks. It looks like the same location when Thanos arrived from his portal. Thanos punches Iron Man with no effort and sends him flying.

Back to Wakanda where Black Panther and the Winter Soldier are preparing for war with the Wakandan army.

Sam Wilson joins the battle wearing his Falcon suit, and shooting at the horde of Outriders.

Several shots showing the massive armies on both sides.

And it’s the Hero shot! We see Bucky, Steve, Natasha, T’Challa, Hulk, Falcon, and War Machine all running together along with Okoye.

After the Avengers logo, we see Thor rocking his new eye patch, disheveled and confused after being rescued by the Guardians of the Galaxy and asks “Who the hell are you guys?”

We then have a perfectly timed cut showing the Guardians looking happy and undisturbed with their new guest’s arrival, and Mantis even waves hello.

May 4, 2018 can’t get here soon enough.

What did you think of the trailer? Sound off in the comments below!

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