Banjo-Kazooie Coming to Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo had a pleasant surprise for Banjo-Kazooie fans as the titular duo from Rare’s highly beloved N64 era platformers are coming to Super Smash Bros. via DLC. This marks the first time the two characters have been on a Nintendo platform since Rare was acquired by Microsoft in early 2000. They haven’t been seen since there last game ‘Nuts and Bolts’ was released back in 2008.

The duo is slated to be released Fall 2019. There will probably be a confirmed dated after The Hero character from the Dragon Quest series is announced for Smash Bros. this summer. Players can purchase Banjo-Kazooie right now via the Fighters Pass priced at $24.99 which will include five new fighters, stages and music tracks to the game. The Persona 5 Joker was released earlier this year making him the first of these DLC characters.

Be sure to check out the reveal to also get a first look at how the new fighters play in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


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