Black Superheroes We Should Know

Season 01 : Episode 26

Age of Geek crew Robert, Steph, Jake, and Collin with friend of the podcast Brian in honor of Black History Month we discuss the future diversity of comics, tv, and movies, and what we could do better.

Rob takes us through a presentation that highlights popular and obscure Black Superheroes, their media history, and origin stories.

Black Hero Mentions:

•  Lothar – King Comics

•  The Spirit (Ebony White) – Quality Comics

•  Waku of the Bantu – Atlas Comics (Marvel Comics)

•  Lobo – Dell Comics

•  T’Challa, Black Panther – Marvel Comics

•  The Butterfly – Skywald Publications

•  John Stewart, Green Lantern – DC Comics

•  Luke Cage – Marvel Comics

•  Misty Knight – Marvel Comics

•  Troy Stewart, Tyroc – DC Comics

•  Karen Beecher, Bumblebee – DC Comics

•  Victor Stone, Cyborg – DC Comics

•  Will Everett, Amazing Man – DC Comics

•  Virgil Hawkins, Static – Milestone Comics

•  John Henry Irons, Steel – DC Comics

•  Natasha Irons, Steel – DC Domics

•  Anissa Pierce, Thunder – DC Comics

•  Jennifer Pierce, Lightning – DC Comics

•  Adam Brashear, Blue Marvel – DC Comics

•  Ronnie Orfeo, Golden Spike, Salt City Strangers – Velleity Studios Comics

•  Naomi McDuffie – DC Comics

•  Sojourner “Jo” Mullein, Green Lantern – DC Comics

•  Val Zod, Earth 2 Superman – DC Comics

•  Bloodline daughter of Blade

•  Miles Morales – Marvel Comics

•  Silvers Surfer, Ghost Light – Marvel Comics

•  Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur – Marvel Comics

•  Isaiah Bradley – Marvel Comics 

Documentary – Milestone Generations (HBO Max)

Book- Invisible Men: The Trailblazing Black Artists or Comic Books by Ken Quattro

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