‘Breath of the Wild’ Sequel Currently in Development

Things closed out with a bang during Nintendo’s E3 Direct when they announced a sequel that is currently in development for the critically acclaimed Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The new sequel looks to be taking a much darker approach to its narrative this time around. It is quite reminiscent of the N64 title Majora’s Mask, which was the direct follow up to Ocarina of Time.

The trailer that was shown during the direct opens with Link and Zelda exploring a dark and mysterious cavern surrounded by floating green lights. The music playing during the trailer was clearly being played backward and sounded like the song of the time. The song is a throwback to Majora’s Mask.

The duo is suddenly attacked by what seems to be remnants of Calamity Gannon. After a few quick images, we see a corpse come to life with eyes glowing red like that of Calamity Gannon. Not much else was shown or said about the upcoming title.

Since the game seems to still be quite early in development, there isn’t a set date for the game’s release.

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