Citizen Kane

Movies That Make Us Episode 108

This week, the cast of Movies that Make Us take on what is arguably the greatest film ever made, Citizen Kane. Since it was recently dethroned by Paddington 2 as having the best rating on, we decided to travel back to 1941 and see if Orson Welles’ film stands the test of time.

The film explores the life of Charles Foster Kane through the lenses of those who knew him, those that loved him, and those that hated him. It’s the story of a young man’s quest for love, power, and respect who reaches dazzling heights and then has a tragic downfall. Citizen Kane set so many precedents in cinematography, editing, acting, and is still very relevant to life in the modern era. 

What are your thoughts on the film? Have you seen it before? Do you appreciate its significance? Next week, the cast is reuniting for the first time post Covid, and we’re bringing our staff picks to the underappreciated genre of Western films. Then through July, we are talking about movies that reunite us, about gathering together, expressing love for life and each other.

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