Ea Strikes Back with “star Wars: Rise to Power”

With Game of War and Final Fantasy: A New Empire releasing earlier this summer, it looks like EA is joining the ranks with their own multiplayer base-building strategy game. The game is set to be on a similarly massive scale where you as a player will directly contribute to either the Empire or the New Republic. Your decisions will help decide who takes control.

EA signed their original contract with Disney for the rights to Star Wars back in 2013. They have been able to capitalize on this immensely, even just with Star Wars: Battlefront which was released back in 2015. Star Wars: Battlefront itself raked in 14 million copies sold, just in the 2016 fiscal year. Alternately, Game of War is reported to bring in close to $400,000 daily and is currently ranked at #7 on Top Grossing Games.

The question stands: Will Star Wars: Rise to Power conquer like Game of War or flop like Final Fantasy: A New Empire? Only time will tell, but if you’re hoping to hop on and test the game, I wouldn’t recommend waiting. You can sign up for pre-alpha over on the announcement page.

The hearts of Star Wars fans, young and old, were set ablaze with the announcement to join forces and decide the future of the war between the Empire and the New Republic. We will join together, establish our base, and build our starship fleets.



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