Episode 21 – All Wallpaper is Lickable

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was released in 1971. Since then it has become a beloved classic for many. There are many adults who grew up on a steady diet of Willy Wonka. That might explain quite a bit, actually. This is a strange, fun, and imaginative film that has shaped children for decades. Our team takes a look at what has made this film endure for so many years and have such a huge impact on so many lives.

The cast in this film is incredible and all the actors definitely look the part and played their roles perfectly. The music is beautiful and catchy and memorable. The sets were amazing, and because it was all before CGI, so it was all physical and real and there’s something tangible about it on film. All of these things contribute to what has made this film last and stand the test of time.

So join us on a perilous boat ride down the chocolate river, lick the walls, drink the fizzy drink and enjoy Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

What are your thoughts about this film? Did you love Willy Wonka as a child and growing up? Or was it just too terrifying? Let us know what you thought about this episode or any of our previous episodes, or let us know if there is a movie you’d like us to cover by sending us email at podcast@moviesthatmakeus.com.



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