Falling Hyundai . . . Er, Skies Liveblog

And here’s our liveblog of the Falling Skies pilot.

Part 1 write-up

  • Webcomic led DIRECTLY into the pilot
  • Their nukes look way cooler than ours.
  • Nice use of the SW battle droids in the strategy map
  • Having to choose between two books, likely for the rest of your life, adds a nice touch to the character
  • Best way to make me hate these limited commercial interruptions is to constantly remind me that Hyundai is giving them to me.
  • Special effects must be cheaper to do in the dark.
  • I like how our main character is willing to fight but is more concerned with preserving human civilization, even if it means retreating from his own personal goal.
  • Hmm, playing a Cowboys & Aliens trailer seems like an odd choice
  • Nice design on the alien mechs!
  • Close-up of the dying alien was a poignant moment that a lesser show would have cut in editing.
  • They must have asked Noah Wylie to put on an additional 10 years for this role.
  • I get that he’s a history professor and so keeps citing military history . . . but what if the aliens have their own history that say they’ve done this before many many times.

Part 2

  • The military vs civilians argument.  Not seen since Stargate SG1, SG: Atlantis, BSG, SG:U, Eureka, MiB, Warehouse 13, District 9 . . .
  • A bow and arrow; is there a reason why no one else was using these?
  • Huh, no Hyundai for the second half?  A lot of anti-depressant medication commercials though.
  • 7 minutes of dialog and . . . THERE’S HYUNDAI AGAIN!
  • Battle: Los Angeles blu-ray commercial seems a little redundant.
  • Resistance game commercial is just making it laughable now.
  • The teacher pointed out how the aliens have six legs but their robots have two.  Wonder if we’re ever going to get back to that.
  • “Should I hit you? Make it look good?” “No, you should NOT hit me.”
  • So I’m getting the idea that this two hour pilot is actually a one hour pilot, and another episode.
  • Wow, Billy sure didn’t see that coming.  Neither did I.  So, humans are going to be our enemy here too?
  • So evidently there are a load of mysteries about where the skitters come from, but none of them are going to be addressed in the second half?

So they decided to play the story close to the chest, which means they are planning on having enough time to tell the whole story and let it play out.  This is a very good time for science fiction on TV!




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