Galaxy’s Edge

Season 01 : Episode 37

In a galaxy far, far, away… or maybe just a few states over, Marlee visits Galaxy’s Edge for the first time. In this podcast episode, she is joined by Disney experts, and co-hosts of the Multiplane Podcast (Age of Geek Media), Ty and Jake. The three of them discuss all the fun and amazing things to be found in this Star Wars themed area of Disneyland. From character sightings to a hidden Mickey Mouse to tips on how to avoid long lines for Rise of the Resistance, they share all. The three of them also geek out over their lightsaber builds and other Star Wars merchandise found at the park. Make sure to watch the YouTube video to witness the show-and-tell.

Check out Multiplane Podcast for more details on the Star Wars party that Ty and Jake attended. They also have a lot of other episodes on all things Disneyland and Disney topics.

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