Geek Food Review: Arby’s Mac & Cheezers

Moving sucks. One of the bad things about moving is that by the end of the day no one wants to cook. So we checked out the postal spam and discovered that Arby’s had sent out a new batch of coupons. Hmm….Five for $5.00 on Arby’s Melts. That will cover the bulk of dinner. But we still need sides and something for a finicky daughter. She loves the mozzarella sticks. What’s this? Arby’s has a new sidekick item: Mac & Cheezers. With a coupon we buy one sidekick item (mozzarella sticks) and we get a serving of the new Mac & Cheezers for free. Sounds like a plan.

As we are sitting there eating our meal, the little squirrel comes out of the wheel in my head and smacks the back of my brain. “Hey you’ve been looking for an article idea for Stolen Droids, do a review of this new food item.” He says. Good idea I tell the squirrel before I use Klingon pain sticks to get him back in the wheel and make him start spinning faster than ever.

Essentially what Arby’s did is they cooked up some macaroni and cheese and put it into little bread pouches (same thing they put around the cheese sticks). Then they fried them up. Somehow the cheese keeps its texture and the macaroni looks like macaroni. What amazed me is that the breading didn’t overwhelm the macaroni and cheese flavor. It still tasted like traditional (OK as traditional as you can get from a box) mac-n-cheese.

Bill Engvall would approve.
Bill Engvall would approve.

Of course the first thing I thought of when wanting to write this article was the quote from comedian Bill Engvall about broke food on his album “Dorkfish”. “There are people alive today because of Macaroni and Cheese.” I am one of these people who survived because of the cheap boxes of generic mac-n-cheese back in my bachelor days. A little bit of milk, some butter and you’ve got a meal. I would usually find myself eating it right out of the pot as I was watching the latest episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (the heat from the pot would iron a single spot on my pants). I’m certain that a lot of people have found Macaroni and Cheese to be comfort food. So to create a fast-food option for this was a good idea on the part of Arby’s.

Now this will not replace the Apollo Burger fries or the Iceberg onion rings as my favorite fast-food side dish, but if I’m trying to avoid an overdose of generic side dishes, I’ll pick up some Mac & Cheezers with my Philly Sub or Beef-n-Cheddar.

Note to Self: Do not write up any future food reviews before lunch.


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  1. Jack in the Box has Cheesy Macaroni Bites; basically the same thing. T.G.I. Friday’s has Fried Mac & Cheese on the appetizer menu; again, basically the same thing.

    At the local Sonics, it was a limited-time-only item and has since disappeared from the menu.

    Since they gave me my own microwave at work and I can cook in privacy, I have mac & cheese for lunch a couple of days a week. I don’t use butter or milk. I just cook the macaroni and mix in the cheese packet.

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