Holy Kickstarter Funding, Batman!

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles raised over $2,000,000 in less than 24 hours on Kickstarter.

Say what you will about him, but the Batman can move product, and so can the game’s creators, Monolith Board Games LLC. Chronicles marks the fourth successfully funded Kickstarter under the Monolith umbrella, and this one is particularly crazy since it passed 400% of the funding goal with a full month remaining in the campaign.

Admittedly, the game looks ridiculously cool, and I highly recommend checking out the Kickstarter campaign to take in all its glory.

Here are the highlights:

  • The game has two boxes: one for heroes, and one for villains. The game is for 2-4 players, 1 which runs the villains (awesome) and the rest that combine forces as heroes to thwart the villain
  • The game is played using “command boards” for players to organize their strategies, and double sided board games to provide the right setting for the action
  • There is a staggering number of highly stylized miniature figures included in the game, and they look INCREDIBLE
  • Many stretch goals that enhance the game with additional miniature figures have already been met, with more possibly to come
  • Though the campaign ends in a month, backers can expect to receive their game in April of 2019
  • The trailer kind of makes it look like a video game, but it’s still pretty awesome

The basic game and all of the unlocked stretch goal additions can be yours for the low, low price of just $140 (the Deathstroke miniature is sick).

In addition to the core game, backers also have the option of getting the Wayne Manor expansion, Arkham Asylum expansion, a Versus expansion, a Batmobile add-on, and a dice pack for the All-In Pledge of $320. At prices like these, I feel like we’d all be losing money if we didn’t buy the game.

Here’s the thing, though. Board game economics are kind of funky because you’re paying in part for a replayable experience. A game may seem expensive, but when you take the number of people playing it, and look at the number of times it gets played, a board game can often end up as a relatively inexpensive entertainment option. Suppose you get the $140 core game, and play it 10 times ($14 per play), with 4 people each time ($3.50 per person). That works out to less than a movie ticket or go bowling. Given all that Chronicles offers, and there’s certainly a whole lot there, it isn’t unreasonable to think that the game could be enjoyed an awful lot by a lot of people.

With one catch – is the game any good and something people will want to play over and over? There’s reason for optimism. The two games from the Monolith library that most closely resemble Chronicles are rated a 9.0 and 7.9 on boardgamegeek.com. Monolith has a track record of producing high quality games that people enjoy. Chronicles is an investment, but one that may pay off in a big way for tabletop gamers. There’s time to think it over given that there’s an entire month remaining in the campaign, but so far the people have spoken; Batman: Gotham City Chronicles is the new hotness.


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