Jess Harnell’s Rockin’ Improv

FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention has had the pleasure of having Jess Harnell attend their events many times now. He has stated that it is his “most favorite” con to attend, and loves coming every year and seeing the excitement surrounding it. Chris Provost (FanX’s MC) even introduced him as the convention’s mascot.

Jess Harnell was voted by Variety as one of the top ten voice actors in the business. He has starred in Animaniacs, Crash Bandicoot, Transformers, and many more. He was also a Daytime Emmy-nominee in 2006 for his performance in Pet Alien.

Before FanX begins, Harnell auditions aspiring voice actors and vocalists who would like to come up on stage with him during his panels. Those who are selected get to perform small “bits” with him, using voices that they used in their audition. This creates a hilarious and fun atmosphere, especially after a long day at the Salt Palace. Everyone enjoys these shows, and it isn’t hard to see why there is always such a great turn out whenever he takes the stage!

This year, he again opened the show with six fans singing one of the songs from Harnell’s band, Rock Sugar titled, “Don’t Stop The Sandman”. You could tell the amount of fun that they were having just by their faces, but they all had so much energy and excitement all around them, and in turn, it gave the audience much to cheer for.

I hope to see Jess Harnell again next year here in Salt Lake City! The fact that he includes fans in his shows brings a certain moral with it: he brings a lot with him and has so much to offer our city but he has, even more, to offer to the world with his humor and spunk that he exudes on the stage.

Jess Harnell and fans during the opening Karaoke show at FanX 2019

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