Jonathan Coulton Is Coming to Town

Hi. I’m Zohner. You may know me from such podcasts as Stolendroids Presents or Stolendroids Podcast. (Or is that The Stolendroids Podcast? Nevermind…) Anyways, if you are one of our regular listeners, you may remember a few weeks ago when we were talking about Jonathan Coulton’s upcoming concert in Salt Lake City. Zuke made some comment about how if somebody jumped up on stage and said “Stolendroids says ‘hi'” that we would give them a prize. He immediately realized that this was a bad idea and retracted his comment. Me, being the fool that I am, threw down the gauntlet and said that I’d give a Plantronics BackBeat headset to whoever was brave and/or foolish enough to attempt such a feat. To make a long story short, we have officially decided that we will be holding a contest in which we give away this headset. (You can thank my kids for the awesome prize.)

Here are the details on how you can win your very own Plantronics BackBeat headset:

  1. You must be in attendance at the Jonathan Coulton concert at The State Room in Salt Lake City, Utah on November 27, 2012.
  2. You need to yell “Stolendroids says ‘hi'” at some point during the show. This needs to be loud enough for me to hear so I recommend doing this during a break in the music. Upon hearing the magic words, I’ll try to make myself known, but if I don’t see the winner, they will need to try and find me. It would also be helpful if the winner were to email me before the end of the show at zohner @ (no spaces). Also, please do not jump on the stage when you do this as we would like to avoid getting our listeners arrested.
  3. If you are related to me, or if I have provided you with a similar gift in the past, you are ineligible to win. However, feel free to yell the magic words all night long. We can always use the publicity.
  4. If the headset goes unclaimed or if nobody shouts out the magic words, my kids will get to keep the headset which they will listen to on Saturdays as they do their chores. If there’s anything that Disney has taught us, it’s that music makes work go faster. Also, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

If you haven’t picked up your Jonathan Coulton tickets yet, there may still be time. Go here to get some for you, some for your friends, and some for that homeless guy you saw sitting on the corner. After all, isn’t this the season of giving?

Hope to see you there!

Oh, and this is what I look like for those of you who are hoping that lady luck smiles down on you.

Jeremiah Zohner

Founder & Executive Producer After developing a love of Star Wars and comic books as a child, Zohner was destined to be a geek. With interests touching on computers, video games, technology, books, TV and movies, and toys and collectibles, he is the epitome of a well-rounded geek. Zohner is one of the founding members of Stolendroids. After stepping away for a time to work on other endeavors, the time was right for him to make his triumphant return to the one project that he truly loves. When he’s not writing articles or podcasting, Zohner can be found spending time with his family, managing projects for a software company, or hanging out in the gym knowing that it won’t do a bit of good.

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