Just Two Drinks Before 10 AM

The Lettuce Inn: Season 1 Episode 3

Just Two Drinks Before 10 AM

The journey might be branching off to a side quest, just as Jeysse would have wanted.

In episode three of the Mouse Guard system, the guard shares harrowing campfire stories before finally arriving in Gipledge. Stalling, Lemon lets the guard first wander around the town. Lemon follows Mira to the Rusty Owl Tavern, where she learns a new recipe, and he takes a shot to set his mind at cheese, I mean ease.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Tweezers uses a random smith’s tools without permission to fix the Mighty Q’s sword. And you cheddar, um.. better, believe there’s no more stalling! But after all that, it’s on to Finn’s farm! With maybe one more stop to the Rusty Owl…

Remember, keep it casual. And only two drinks before 10 AM.


  • Erika as GM
  • Jayson as Q
  • Lindsey as Mira
  • Blake as Tweezers
  • Mika as Lemonwhisker

Jeremiah Zohner

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