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Avengers: Endgame opened to record-breaking numbers. Wait. Not record-breaking. Record-shattering.

It was generally assumed that Endgame would break records in its first weekend; however, it decimated previous box-office records. Not only did Marvel’s latest offering deliver an estimated $350 million over the course of its first three days in the United States, but it also raked in a massive $1.2 billion at the global box office in just five days!

There is no way that the Movies That Make Us team could let a movie this big go without doing a spoiler-filled review and they hold nothing back! They even brought in special guests! (Although at this point, are the guests really special? And can they even be considered guests anymore?) And to mark the occasion, the MMU MPU (Movies That Make Us Mobile Podcasting Unit) makes its debut! Listen as Val, Jake, and Tracy celebrate their tenth episode from the “comfort” of a van while spoiling Endgame for those who haven’t seen it yet. Are they down by the river? They may as well be but does it really matter?

At this point, we’re assuming that you made it to the theater to see Endgame. What did you think? Where does it rank on your list of favorite Marvel movies? Let us know at Feel free to also send us any other feedback you have regarding the movie, the episode, or and any movies you want to hear us talk about on future episodes!

Jake Dietz

President Jake is a blogger, podcaster, and all-around geek/nerd. He enjoys all sorts of different “fandoms,” but more than anything he loves movies. Movies have always been a big part of his life. From escaping into them as a child and teenager to working in the business as a concessions worker at his local theater, movies have always been there for Jake. In addition to his extensive DVD/Blu-ray/iTunes movie collection, Jake is also a loving husband to one wonderful wife and father to six amazing children.

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