New Cod Ad Is Awesome. Wait, No It’s Not. Maybe?

I saw this ad online the other day and initially I loved it. I enjoyed the fact that it highlighted the diversity in the commercial of people who game. When considering the genre of game, it makes it even better to think of a fry cook being the ultimate soldier as he goes in with guns blazing.

Then I thought about what’s going on in the game world right now. At this moment, the Supreme Court is listening to a case that contends that video games are not protected by the First Amendment. The so-called proof? That they don’t offer any artistic value and make people violent.

OK, if you’re reading this blog, you obviously know that neither of these points are true. However, if you’re reading this blog, chances are you are not a Supreme Court Justice. We are talking about people who might just still believe their personal internets are made of tubes and trucks! Nevertheless, if we’re trying to tell people that video games do NOT make people violent, perhaps it’s in poor taste to then film a commercial where loads of ordinary people are capable of doing some extremely violent things to each other all in the name of a game.

That being said, I did like seeing Kimmel and Kobe blowing stuff up!


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