El Cheapo Baya Negra – #277

Stolendroids Podcast


First off, I know it’s actually episode #277; I have no idea why I say #278 at the beginning of this episode!

Apple hits a milestone that really means something this week, while Blackberry releases a cheap phone they didn’t have anything to do with and raised the price!  Sure, that’s really shaking up the market.  Meanwhile, Facebook admits to trying to shape political news by censoring posts and “selfie addicts” are evidently a thing now!


Zuke’s Favorite: Hate Trump/Clinton all you want. Their ads could have been worse!
Zohner’s Favorite: Mmm… Pi
Collin’s Favorite: Pokemon Go Gone Wrong


Executive Producer for Stolendroids Podcast. Also resident 'tech-head' and de-facto leader of the group.

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