Skynet Road Rage – #311

Stolendroids Podcast

When the machines just start running us over, this will be the look on their face.

Everyone assumes that Skynet will start murdering us with guns because it views us as a threat.  In truth, it will just start running us off the road because we keep cutting it off or refusing to yield right of way!

It’s our birthday and Zohner is ready to drop from all the partying (work traveling).  Samsung gets things rolling with a new assistant and ZTE tries to get us something but misses the mark entirely.  Meanwhile, Apple gives us something new but then tells us they didn’t spend too much on it for us.  Gee, thanks to Apple.  You shouldn’t have.  🙁


Zuke’s Favorite: I’m feeling special!
Zohner’s Favorite: Best tea ever?


Executive Producer for Stolendroids Podcast. Also resident 'tech-head' and de-facto leader of the group.

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