Zohner’s Tiny Trumpettes – #313

Stolendroids Podcast

“Trumpette” makes it sound like some small group of female singers from Lawrence Welk.

Hell has frozen over twice this week as Collin suddenly has more time with a woman than normally possible and Schmidty rises from the grave!

The Federal Government was told that no one believed for a second that they could be that stupid.  In an official statement, the Federal Government said, “Hold my beer.” and went straight up 1984.  Like, they didn’t even try to be subtle!  Good thing that they noticed we all saw them and called them on it!  Meanwhile, Google has an awesome idea (Home/Wifi Mesh) and a not so awesome idea (fake news that requires you to research news) and Samsung decides to just take all the money from everyone.  Even you, Greg. Yes, especially you.


Zuke’s Favorite: “Like an obese homing pigeon to the face!”
Zohner’s Favorite: Fonts are fun
Schmidty’s Favorite: The Defenders Teaser Trailer


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