Gettin Comcastity Wit It – #324

Stolendroids Podcast

Sure, Zuke and Zohner have been tired before . . . but possibly never THIS tired.  One has been out of town on business and the other has been out of town in the wilderness.  Either way, it was a surprising week to come back to!

Comcast has (probably, most likely) been cutting competitor’s lines to drive them out of business, CenturyLink has (probably, most likely) been gouging customers for extra profit, and a Colorado man wants everyone to suffer for his (definite) lack of parenting skills.  Add to that Atari’s “announcement” that they are back in the hardware game and the Supreme Court standing up for a sex offender, and you have a really weird week!


Zuke’s Favorite: Man, I LOVE Whitney Avalon
Zohner’s Favorite: Bang!


Executive Producer for Stolendroids Podcast. Also resident 'tech-head' and de-facto leader of the group.

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