Stolendroids Podcast Episode 403

While some might say that the 1980s produced the greatest cartoons ever, I could argue that those from the 1990s were far superior. Not only are they better overall, but I believe that 90s cartoons have greater staying power than their 80s counterparts. Let me explain. 

Even though the 80s gave us amazing shows like Thundercats and Masters of the Universe, have you watched them recently? I have. Masters of the Universe was almost painful to watch, and my kids had lost all interest within five minutes.

I can hear the haters now, “You’re just not a real fan! Plus, you’re probably too young to truly appreciate them!” Nope. Gen Xer here. I had the action figures. I watched the cartoons (all of them) every day after school. I woke up at 5:30 every Saturday morning and sat on the couch until the animation ended. So this isn’t a case of me not appreciating or understanding what came out of the 80s. This is an objective opinion that the subsequent decade had overall better cartoons. 

Watch any cartoons from the 80s and then watch Batman: The Animated Series or Animaniacs. How do they compare? If your experience is like mine, they don’t. Almost everything about cartoons in the 90s was better. And that’s why we’re here today… 

With the Great Time Out/quarantine/lockdown still in effect, it’s important to have some enjoyable viewing options, so our panelists each brought their top five cartoons from the 90s to the table for discussion on this week’s show. And we know that there are A LOT of shows that could have made the list but didn’t, but that’s where you come in. Let us know what your favorite cartoons from the 90s are. Did we include any on our lists that we shouldn’t have? And are there any glaring omissions that we should have discussed? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

Jeremiah Zohner

Founder & Executive Producer After developing a love of Star Wars and comic books as a child, Zohner was destined to be a geek. With interests touching on computers, video games, technology, books, TV and movies, and toys and collectibles, he is the epitome of a well-rounded geek. Zohner is one of the founding members of Stolendroids. After stepping away for a time to work on other endeavors, the time was right for him to make his triumphant return to the one project that he truly loves. When he’s not writing articles or podcasting, Zohner can be found spending time with his family, managing projects for a software company, or hanging out in the gym knowing that it won’t do a bit of good.

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