Robert Pattison is the Batman

Audiences are indeed going to see Robert Pattinson as Batman in director Matt Reeves‘ new movie.

Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros. has approved the High Life star will play The Dark Knight in “The Batman” after beating out Nicholas Hoult (Tolkien) in a screen test. Director Matt Reeves is set to direct a trilogy and it’s expected that Pattison will sign to lock him in for all three films.

Pattison is an interesting and polarizing choice to play Batman. Many fans still see him as the teen vampire he played in the Twilight films, but he’s grown into a very interesting actor that’s willing to take on difficult and interesting roles. He has the Bruce Wayne playboy look, he’s got the chin for the cowl, and he can do the introverted and conflicted hero in private. I didn’t care much for Affleck’s heavily muscled Batman, I like my Batman to be leaner and quicker – a ninja. Word is that this Batman film will focus on his “World’s Greatest Detective” side which we’ve never really seen on film before. I am excited to see what this new version of the Batman will look and sound like.

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