SD#40 Zohner, Control Your Puppies

It’s the 2012 prediction show! We predict 2012 will happen. There, that was easy!

  1. Zuke: RIM will be gone by the end of 2012.  Either closed doors or reformed on software services.
  2. Zohner: Someone will come out and buy RIM
  3. Schmidy: RIM will come out with a new version of BES (with Android and iOS support), but not call it BES, to keep the Blackberry name out of it
  4. Zuke – Cheap 1st Gen WebOS devices will hit the market . . . and suck.
  5. Schmidty: Facebook will buy (or partner with) a video platform like Netflix or Crackle
  6. Zohner – Moore will place a curse on DC Comics for Watchmen prequel.
  7. Stark – New Star Trek series rumor will light internet ablaze.  Won’t go anywhere, but everyone will go nuts anyway.
  8. Zuke – Windows 8 tablets will kill Ultrabooks.  Companies will all switch to converting tablets before Q3 2012.
  9. Schmidty – Huawei will make an exclusive contract with T-Mobile
  10. Zohner – Sales tax amnesty will go away. Brick and mortar stores will start to see a resurgence.
  11. Zuke – SOPA will die, however, will come back worded differently under the radar.
  12. Stark – SOPA endorsement will kill GoDaddy PR.
  13. Zohner – SOPA will pass, however, will be renamed and attached to some other unrelated bill.
  14. Zuke – Halo 4 will not do so well in reviews, putting the rest of the trilogy into question.
  15. Schmidty – Google will announce manufacturing their own hardware for 2013.
  16. Zohner – Google+ will start to take off and challenge Facebook toe-to-toe
  17. Stark – Cable companies will finally announce a la carte options for channel lineups.
  18. Zuke – Intel Android phones will fail, only because they suck at marketing.
  19. Schmidty – Microsoft will announce its next gaming console. Soft announcement only.
  20. Zohner – Zynga will start to feel the pressure from EA
  21. Zuke – The future of home media will finally land . . . and no one will care.
  22. Schmidty – The Candieland movie, followed by Minecraft the Movie.  Also Portal 3.


Executive Producer for Stolendroids Podcast. Also resident 'tech-head' and de-facto leader of the group.

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