Sd#49 55 Gallons

That's . . . a lot.

This week’s episode is brought to you by the letters I, H, the number 8, and the phrase “OMG SO MUCH EDITING AND MIXING!!” We have a new format we’re trying out and we’d like your feedback on what you think! Be sure to hit us up on Facebook, email us, or comment in the show notes below!


Fast Lane Candidates:

Talking Point: Is Collecting Dead?

  • Comics have never made good investments, worse now that they’re electronic.
  • Baseball cards are now priced out of range for anyone.
  • Hard to find collectibles now an eBay search away.

Zuke’s Favorite: Tim Daly, Nathan Fillion, and Michael Rosenbaum in the best video ever made!
Schmidty’s Favorite: A Periodic Table Table using real Elements
Stark’s Favorite: A new way to watch the Star Wars movies
Zohner’s Favorite: Liam Neeson shouldn’t quit his day job



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