Sd#6 Support Your Dealers!

Now with 100% less Red Alerts!  Obama unlocks headshot achievment (15 gamer points).  Zuke says “um” a lot.  Shut up Fox News.  And we think we’re running long, but really we weren’t!


Zuke, Schmity, Stark, Zohner


White House gathers around for CoD LAN party

12.4M Tweets an hour and no sign of the fail whale!

Your man on the ground . . . um, this guy?

Most important announcement comes from some guy who wasn’t even there!

Did the USA use a new stealth chopper? Maybe.  It could look like this!

Windows 8 might just be hella awesome!

All phone makers track us?  We should totally sue all phone makers then!

Samsung makes their “It’s not an iPhone” phone into a “it’s not an ipod” ipod!

Sony gets even worse

And worse.

And even worse.

Dell’s M18x launched. Finally you can flaunt your ePeen in real life!

Epislon breach could cost $4Billion

Password protecting service may have been hacked, creating the definition of irony.

Even more reasons to secure your wireless router

Twitter breaks Canada

Dish Network buying Blockbuster?  Not so fast..

TiVo still Suing Dish!

Price War: Amazon undercuts ITunes with 69 cent songs.

Free Comic Book Day

Superman isn’t American anymore.  Wasn’t he an illegal alien anyway?

Green Lantern isn’t quite baked yet.

Stargate Universe ends this week.  No more Stargate on TV.




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