Side Mission: The Stanley Parable (Ultra Deluxe Version)

Season 06 : Episode 04

It’s the first “smission” of Cutscenes and Cupcakes Season 6! In this side mission episode, Steph and Marlee explore the office, and more significantly the game boundaries of The Stanley Parable, testing a sassy narrator to their limits. Unlike this mind-bending game which has dozens of endings, this episode has one. (Or does it?!) Marlee gets creepy vibes from the game, and Steph gives creepy vibes in the direction of a long lost teachers assistant/crush.

Lindsey gets so excited for next weeks episode, she gets a nasty case of bronchitis and takes the day off. (Also I did edit and listen thoroughly, I’m still leaving the Steph’s “cough-ee” induced coughing in!)

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