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Ever sit down and watch a scary movie that you’ve seen several times and eventually you get to that part where you know something’s coming, yet you freak out about it anyways? That’s how I felt when I played Sonic today. Yes, you heard me, that blue hedgehog that made several of us the gamers we are today. But this version’s very different, it’s called Sonic.EXE, a twisted version of our favorite childhood classic game created by Creepypasta that seriously creeps you out as you play it. I’ve seen several YouTubers playing it before and finally decided that I needed to download the game and try it for myself and find out how I would react while playing this game.

Demonic SonicSonic.EXE starts out with the classic Sonic the Hedgehog SEGA cover and for a split second you see the image change and think “was that what I think it was”, and the answer would be yes, a horrifically depicted Sonic, blackened eyes with blood running down from them. All you can think of is what you just signed yourself up for. The screen then cuts into a character selection menu, but two of them are locked and you’re forced to choose Tails who at this point looks normal. Once loaded into the game you notice the familiar first level of the original game, but the music is altered into an eerie track that constantly repeats itself throughout the game. I begin to send Tails walking to the right and watch as the screen scrolls and nothing changes for a bit, until you start seeing dead bodies of what looks like kittens hanging from trees by their intestines and bunnies on the ground in pools of blood. I continue walking through these grounds of slaughter wondering who could do this to such peaceful creatures, then… The music stopped. I took a second and looked around the screen, nothing changed from what I could see. I took a few more steps forward and Sonic appeared, Tails now stopped in his tracks, I tried to move him but couldn’t, it was too late… A gravitational pull of some sort from Sonic pulled me into him, he looked fine, but then he opened his eyes of terror. The scene cut and went to a screen that said “Hello do you want to play with me?”, then the level changed to “Hide & Seek”. Tails appears in what looks like the depths of hell, surrounded by fire he has no choice but to run forward, then an evil laugh appears and the unpleasant music picks up, Sonic is chasing you, you’re forced to run after but it’s not enough, and right before Sonic catches Tails, Sonic vanishes. Tails now cries in fear of what is about to happen to him. Sonic appears in front of Tails once more and attacks tails as blood splatters from his body, and a shrilling scream sends the screen to blackness. More text appears “You’re too slow, want to try again?”.

A new character is now unlocked, Knuckles, he’s a strong fighter, surely he can beat this demon version of Sonic. I went ahead and decided to continue my journey in this odd altered realm from my childhood. Text appears saying “You can’t run” surrounded by red cloudy skies, a metal floor, and pipes running with streams of blood I start moving forward and decide, well what happens if I turn around and walk backwards? I started my trek backwards and eventually came upon a huge face of the famous “you made bro” troll me meme, surrounding it reads, “Go the other way nothing to see here”. Now, I’m pretty rebellious and decide to ignore this blatant warning that something obviously bad was going to happen if I continued, but luckily it was blocked. Now moving the right way again and eventually come to the end of the road with no choice but to walk off the cliff, falling down the screen changes colors and splatter of blood go everywhere, “Don’t like playing by the rules” new level… “FFFFFFF” obviously they did not like me defying the laws of playing a classic SEGA game and going in the wrong directions. But what I thought was Knuckles final demise, ended up taking me into some new world that appears to either be the ‘Twilight Zone or a glitch within the game, Knuckles is now faded and grainy and I move him around, text appears above him “You’re fun to play with, Farmdawg”, Farmdawg happens to be the name of my computer, I look around wondering who sold me out, but realize that the game is an .exe file therefore lives inside my computer and must have done its research on me by now. Working foward more text appears above me. “But this is my world…”, “Won’t be long now”, “Soon Farmdawg will be joining us”, “Are you listening?” and finally in big red text “YOU’RE NEXT”. The level changes to “You can’t run” once more, the screen starts breaking up like when you’re flipping through the channels, find what you want to watch and have to adjust the antenna’s on the top in order to get a good picture, oh wait… that’s right, we’re not in the 90’s anymore, my bad. Anyways, the grain filled screen cuts in and out and a static noise is heard, after a few times blood splatters appears all of the ground as I venture forward I meet face to face with a ghost sonic slightly hovering above the ground the screen returns to static, shifts into a black screen with creepy lettering cut outs that spells “FOUND YOU”. It returns back to the screen where Knuckles and Sonic meet, I try to run away but can’t, I move towards him and he disappears behind me, I must walk towards him again and this action repeats several times until he grabs Knuckles and stabs him in the back, blood flying everywhere. “So many souls to play with – so little time, would you agree?”

Sonic_exe_develophed_by_4kidsBack at the character selection screen one last time a villainous figure, Doctor Eggman. What better way to defeat evil than with evil, right? Level “…”. Arms spread wide out Doctor Eggman begins running through what looks like a dungeon with blood splats on the walls, the room lit with blue fire torches, running down two long flights of stairs and then, a long wait with a static filed screen. Not again I’m thinking, it can’t surely be time for the possessed Sonic to come. The screen switches to a zombified picture of Sonic’s face and written above in blood “I AM GOD.” freaked out at this point the feeling of not knowing what would come, then static for a few seconds and the face appears again with an evil spine tingling laugh blasting through my headphones shakes me up. “Ready for Round 2, Farmdawg?” NO! I am not ready! Then an odd pictures appears with Sonic in a ring with wings attached and Tails white eyed trying to get away, with blood smeared text saying those two most terrifying words no gamer wants to utter “GAME OVER”.

What happened to Doctor Eggman you ask? Who knows, it will remain a mystery for the rest of our lives just as the Tootsie Pop Owl will never truly know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

Take a look at a video of the guys from IdiotBoxProductions playing a similar version.

Think you can handle it? Download it HERE.

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