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Movies That Make Us Episode 104

Tracy, Val and Jake welcome special guest Craig Price from Matinee Heroes, CastOff and new Stolendroids Network show Monday Morning Memory Wipe! We had a couple of rules- we could not pick any superhero movies and we couldn’t pick Star Wars because we all know Star Wars had a huge impact on pop culture. Other than that, we could pick anything we wanted.

We have each picked a movie that has had a huge impact on popular culture, not just when it was released but also over time. Tracy picked the classic sci-fi horror Alien, as well as the sequel Aliens. Our guest Craig picked Top Gun, the film that led to a 500% increase in Naval enlistment. Jake picked Jurassic Park, the film that made you believe they could actually clone dinosaurs. Finally, Val picked Fight Club, which is something we can’t really talk about because the first of rule of Fight Club and all of that.

What is a film you think had a huge impact on pop culture? Let us know in the comments below.

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And Episode 65 where we had Craig on as a guest and discussed Jurassic Park.

And check out Craig’s new show, Monday Morning Memory Wipe on the Stolendroids YouTube Channel.

And Check out Craig’s CastOff show.

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