The Animaniacs – Rise from the Jurassic Ages

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They’re An-I-man-ee, totally and zany, here’s the shows namey, An-I-man-I-acs! That’s right, they’re BACK! Warner Brother’s Animation, under the original Creator and Producer Tom Reugger and Steven Spielberg, has brought back the Animaniacs after being in their own lockdown for 22 years. If you’re unfamiliar with this series, it features 3 wacky 1930’s style characters set in modern-day America. The Warner Siblings, Wakko, Yakko, and Dot, were created and swiftly hidden away in the Warner Brother’s water tower, as they were simply too zany to be out in the general public.

Every episode featured 3 “Shorts” that were all different from each other and consisted of different characters throughout. While this is a kid’s show, it was actually created for a more adult audience, as there are quite a few innuendos (that tend to go over children’s heads). In the Animaniacs, Wakko, Yakko, and Dot managed to keep escaping the water tower, causing mayhem everywhere they went, only to get caught and placed back into the tower each time. They always ended up finding themselves in unique and chaotic scenarios in each segment of the show.

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In the reboot trailer, it begins with a cartoon parody of the original Jurassic Park, starring Sam Neill and Laura Dern, with the iconic first view of the dinosaurs. Only this time, Ellie was rambling on in excitement about how this species of cartoon hasn’t been seen since the “Golden era of Animation”, Then Dr. Grant grabs her and brings her attention to the shadow of a dinosaur in the distance. But only, it wasn’t a dinosaur, it was none other than Wakko, Yakko, Dot, and their shadows in the form of a Brachiosaurus! Jeff Goldblum’s animated character, Ian Malcolm, then made an appearance stating, “He did it, that crazy son of a gun actually did it!”.

And they did. They reanimated the Warner Brothers, and sister, beautifully and in the same art style as the original but in HD format. Not only that, but they announced in this trailer that they are bringing Pinky and the Brain back as well! The original voice actors, including Jess Harnell, Tress MacNeille, Maurice LaMarche, Rob Paulson, and many others, will be reprising their famous roles for both the Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain.

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While I didn’t grow up on the Animaniacs personally, as I watched as a young adult, I quickly became obsessed with both them and Pinky and the Brain. They did a “Kids React to the Animaniacs” Video in 2018, and the children LOVED it and stated they wished they would remake it. In January of this year, Hulu announced that they were bringing it onto their streaming service, and I think that all of our hearts skipped a beat with excitement. You can watch Season 1 of the Animaniacs streaming now on Hulu. Those are the facts.

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