The Book of Life – Episode 159

It’s time for another episode of Movies that Make Us and this week, we continue with another Halloween based movie with The Book of Life. Plus, we recorded this live at Maria’s Mexican Restaurant in Taylorsville – we highly recommend the loaded nachos.

This film was released in 2014 and while grossing $100 million at the box office, it seems to be more of a cult film. Originally released with 20th Century Fox, it’s now available to stream on Disney+ for you to enjoy. While it is similar to Pixar’s Coco, dealing with family, finding yourself, and the Day of the Dead, it’s got a unique animation style and a fun story for all ages.

What are your thoughts on The Book of Life? Have you seen the film or streamed it recently?

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As always, thank you for listening, and for now, we won’t see you at the movies…until Friday, November 18th at 6pm when we’ll be hosting Disney Trivia at the Midway Tavern. Lots of raffle prizes and all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. It’s an 18+ establishment, and we can’t wait to see you again!

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