The First Day of Celebration, Part 2

The Lettuce Inn: Season 1 Episode 6

Where were you during the clash of skillet and sword?

The Mighty Q is up next in day one’s fighting tournament, and much to his pleasure… and everyone else’s surprise, he finds great success. And once the fighting is done, Tweezers takes on the last competition of the day: the cart fix. Toss in Mira trying Tweezers’ award-winning pecan pie and her flirty flirt action with Timothy, and this has all the makings of a great end to day one.

Did Mira like the pie? Listen to find out.

Let’s role!


  • Erika as GM
  • Jayson as Q
  • Lindsey as Mira
  • Blake as Tweezers
  • Mika as Lemonwhisker

Jeremiah Zohner

Founder & Executive Producer After developing a love of Star Wars and comic books as a child, Zohner was destined to be a geek. With interests touching on computers, video games, technology, books, TV and movies, and toys and collectibles, he is the epitome of a well-rounded geek. Zohner is one of the founding members of Stolendroids. After stepping away for a time to work on other endeavors, the time was right for him to make his triumphant return to the one project that he truly loves. When he’s not writing articles or podcasting, Zohner can be found spending time with his family, managing projects for a software company, or hanging out in the gym knowing that it won’t do a bit of good.

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