Top Super Bowl Commercials 2018

The Big Game is over, and we have the best of the commercials for you. Overall, I felt they were pretty tame and safe, but there were a few standouts:

Peter Dinklage did some rapid fire lip syncing to a Busta Rhymes song for the new Doritos “Blaze” flavor, and Morgan Freeman did the same with a Missy Elliott song to promote Mountain Dew Ice. I would watch Peter Dinklage read the phone book, so I definitely enjoyed him watching him rap while the room burns down around him.

Bill Hader simply makes me laugh. He uses a variety of voices here, but the best moment is when he yells “NO ONE ASKED YOU KEVIN!”

I agree with the majority of people that say Tide stole the night with the commercials featuring David Harbour. The first ad was a spoof of all the usual things you would expect in a Super Bowl ad – cars, beer, insurance, diamonds, etc. and then made you wonder if the rest of the commercials were Tide commercials in disguise.

Amazon came out strong with an ad where Alexa loses her voice and they have to get celebrities to fill in for the broken software. Gordon Ramsey yelling at a guy trying to make a grilled cheese sandwich was my favorite moment, though I want to believe that Sir Anthony Hopkins spends his days feeding cheese puffs to peacocks in his palatial gardens.

M&M’s had an okay showing with a lucky penny that turns Red into a human played by Danny Devito who asks people if they want to eat him.

Chris Pratt shows his comedic range where he trains for a Michelob Ultra commercial where he thinks he’s the new spokesman. He even creates the name “Tommy Ultra” and decides his character is left handed – only to discover he’s been cast as an extra.

This was followed up by the actual Michelob Ultra commercial – Starring Tommy Ultra in the background of all the shots and trying so hard to be noticed.

Jeff Goldblum got chased in a Jeep by a T-Rex again, but this time, the hunted becomes the hunter. His delivery of the line “I just did” sells an otherwise okay ad.

Did we miss any of the best Super Bowl LII  commercials? What was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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