7 Unique Geek Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and trying to figure out the perfect gift can be stressful. Even though flowers and chocolates are usually the go-to gifts, finding something that is unique helps make it more personable and fun!
What I love about the gifts that I found are that you do not need to be in a relationship in order to purchase them. These are perfect for friends, family, or an excuse to splurge on yourself. (I am the queen of enabling. You’re welcome.)

Here are 7 of my favorite gift ideas that I have found from Entertainment Earth:

  1. Backpacks, purses, messenger bags, and wallets are exploding everywhere with fun new designs that are tapping into our favorite fandoms. Instead of feeling stuck buying a bag with no personality, Loungefly has come up with the perfect solution to show off your creative side. I am in love with their backpacks that come with colorful prints and are sturdy enough to match your lifestyle. The Star Wars Ewok Print Mini-Backpack ($56) is next on my list to buy. It does show sold out at the moment, but you can still order the item and it will deliver when it comes back in stock. I already have the Star Wars Baby Character Print Laptop Backpack ($40) and I highly recommend it. I’ve put my bag through a lot and it’s still holding on strong.


  2. What I love about my generation, (I’m talking about all of the 80’s kids), is our love for nostalgia. I always felt like we had the best toys, movies, and tv shows. Living in the world of Jim Henson has sparked my creativity of pushing my artistic abilities to the next level. Seeing this Fraggle Rock Red with Doozer Pop! Vinyl Figure ($10.99) flooded me with memories of wanting to be part of their family. AC8299CA-5FA8-409F-8686-1748F14E3603
  3. If you are thinking about jewelry and wanting to use the powers of the Force, you can either choose the light side with the Star Wars Rebel Ring ($29.99) or the dark side with the Star Wars Imperial Ring ($29.99). [I heard they have cookies.]
  4. Dinosaurs are amazing creatures and I love being able to have the opportunity to clean their fossils and learn more about the animal I am working on. (Yes, I do clean fossils. That is for another time.) Even before I started on this incredible adventure, I have always been a sucker for Jurassic Park. Even though it would take me a year to save up for this, this is still something worth saving up for as it is a great conversation starter. This Jurassic Park Female Scale Bust ($749.99) would be the coolest mantlepiece and a great way to bring up Paleontology and quiz your friends. 
  5. The connection between Chewbacca and the Porgs were undeniably adorable. It’s no secret that Porgs have taken over in the cute department. If you keep track of your friends posts on Facebook, it’s easy to spot who would love this cute Chewbacca With Porg Plush. ($21.99)
  6. As a collector, I love finding something new to add to my current obsessions. I love following my favorite Disney artists and watching their products come to life. If you love vintage Disney. I highly recommend checking out the work from Miss Mindy. She is able to capture the essence of the characters while bringing a unique touch to each creation. One of my favorites is her Snow White Statue. ($99) This sold out pretty quickly, but still keep an eye on it as any Snow White fan would love to have this. The Evil Queen Statue ($99) is available so you can start your collection with her.


  7. The Gameboy was always one of my favorite handheld systems.  If you are a major Nintendo fan and are wanting to find something a little more simple, this Nintendo Game Boy Color Change Pint Glass ($9.99) is perfect. The graphics appear when you pour a cold drink into it. As cool as these are, be aware that they are not microwave or dishwasher safe in order to protect the changing effects.871DE7B2-8A74-4DC2-924E-EC548F67B68D

Do you have any unique or quirky gifts ideas you would like to share? Comment here or tweet us at @Stolendroids!

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