Webcomic Review: We’re All Game

One of my favorite panels from We’re All Game

I really enjoy comics, though I haven’t had a lot of time or money to keep up on the comics that I grew up with.  So in the recent years, I have started to read and keep up with webcomics.  Not only are they free, but I can read them almost anywhere; wherever I have a decent connection to the internet.  There are many that I have been following and want to read about, but the first one that I want to review is called We’re All Game by Richard B. McLean.  If you have ever played D&D, then this webcomic is for you!

We’re All Game starts with Rick, the Game Master, as he begins the journey and sets the stage for an adventure.  Starting in June of 2014, and updating weekly, we follow Rick and his friends through battles and dungeons, both in their game and in the real world.  They discover that friendship is important in both realms, and that sometimes it’s okay to roll all 1s.

Uh-oh. We’re not on the same page…

The artwork of Richard is awesome, he animates enough of the action to get the point across, but makes it vague enough for you to imagine the rest.  It took me a while to realize that the heads of each of the characters resemble different dice in the D20 system.  From slaying zombies to succeeding in school, this troupe will be sure to bring many more surprises in the panels to come.

Check out We’re All Game here


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