What About Bob? – MMU 59

In this week’s episode Tracy, Val, and Jake are visiting Lake Winnipesaukee, virtually of course, as we also welcome Collin from Stolendroids Podcast to discuss the 1991 comedy classic What About Bob?! This film stars Bill Murray as Bob Wiley and Richard Dreyfuss as Dr. Leo Marvin and is directed by Frank Oz. It was one of our favorites at the time, but after 29 years, does it still hold up?

Our panel breaks down why the timing works, why the jokes land, and the chemistry between the two main stars- who apparently did not enjoy working together on set. This is a summer vacation classic, and the laughs just keep coming as Bob becomes more and more sane while Leo Marvin is losing it. The team agrees, this film not only holds up, it is still very re-watchable even today. Just as funny as it was 29 years ago.

This movie was a lot of fun to record and talk about it. If you haven’t seen it in a while, Memorial Day is the perfect time to revisit it. I mean, you can’t really go out and travel as easily as you normally would, right? Might as well take a vacation. Maybe just a vacation from your problems.  In any case, this is a great film to watch this weekend, or any weekend. Our team all agreed it was graded pretty high. 

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We hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day, and we won’t see you at the movies… 

Jake Dietz

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