What’s the Deal with Moviepass?

So by now everyone has picked their collective jaws up after the announcement that MoviePass is dropping their subscription price nationally to $9.99. As an early adopter of MoviePass I’ve gotta say I’m excited, but let’s it break it down with the “W”s and we’ll keep this article short and sweet.

Who: MoviePass is a ticket subscription service that allows you to see one movie every 24 hours for a monthly price.

What: Now here’s the catch, it’s one movie every 24hours, not once a day. Which means if you see a movie at 10:00pm on Friday evening, you can’t see you’re next movie until 10:00pm Saturday evening.

Why: Over the last few years MoviePass has been struggling to find their place in the market; how do they make money? Obviously at 9.99 per month they won’t be making any money, but that’s not their end goal. They’re in it for the Data. Data being king in the 21st century, they’re after your habits. The overall plan is monetize that information and sell it back to the studios so that they can better market their pictures.

Elephant in the room: AMC has come out swinging in protest and have already announced that they will be looking for ways to block MoviePass at their locations. Here’s the thing though, MoviePass is powered by a MasterCard backed debit card. There’s not a card you show at the box office. In order for AMC to get away with this they would have to effectively block MasterCard and I don’t think they’re willing to go down that rabbit hole.

Tell us your thoughts! Are you a subscriber? Are you a former subscriber? Are you signing up tomorrow?

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