With a Little Help From Our Friends, Part 2 – MMU 50

We are finally talking Star Wars! Again! This is it, our 50th episode. That means we have been around for a year now, and there is no better way to celebrate our first anniversary than to talk Star Wars, like the whole enchilada. The whole enchilada. And all of our friends from episode 49 are back, and we are so excited to have them here. And we are still at Megaplex Theatres in Jordan Commons, and we are so thankful to them for having us. 

So who’s on the show? 

We have Sean Reay form Comic Church podcast

And Kaitlyn Booth, Editor-in-Chief at Bleeding Cool and co-host at The Nerd Dome Podcast

And Mark Woodring from Visually Stunning Movie Podcast

And Stephan Watson from The Cracked Brain

And Patrick Beatty from Patrick Beatty Reviews and Gaggle of Geeks Podcast

That’s a lot of guests, but there’s a lot to cover. Let us know what you love about Star Wars. Which Star Wars film is your favorite? We want to know, even if it is Attack of the Clones. Send your feedback to We would love to hear from you. Thanks for listening, come back next week, and we won’t see you at the movies.

Jake Dietz

President Jake is a blogger, podcaster, and all-around geek/nerd. He enjoys all sorts of different “fandoms,” but more than anything he loves movies. Movies have always been a big part of his life. From escaping into them as a child and teenager to working in the business as a concessions worker at his local theater, movies have always been there for Jake. In addition to his extensive DVD/Blu-ray/iTunes movie collection, Jake is also a loving husband to one wonderful wife and father to six amazing children.

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